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February 2006
Newsletter No 156

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New Year Ceilidh
Step Dancing in Cambridge
Summer School and Day Schools
Branch Photo Album
New Pillings
Weird but True
Supper Dance

Ceilidh photo


I hope most of you were actually at our New Year Ceilidh on January 7th, but for any who weren`t I can report that it was, once again, a huge success. Tickets sold out well before Christmas and Bromham Village Hall was creaking at the seams. Peter Scatterty did us proud for music despite having a dodgy shoulder and George directed the proceedings with his usual cheerful expertise.

This has obviously become a well-established highlight of our year but as it is relatively new we are still feeling our way to a certain extent, so if anyone has any comments or constructive criticism we would be glad to hear from them.


Another Cambridge step dancing afternoon took place on Sunday November 27th. We both attended making the numbers up to nine.

The dance, taught by Alison Gundy on this occasion, was a brand new one for 2005 called “The Way tae Fife” composed by Pat Clark. The tune used is in jig time and is the familiar Wee Cooper of Fife. This is unusual as it is made up of ten bar phrases. Each of the six steps is therefore danced in six bars leaving four bars for the break. The steps are reminiscent of some previously learnt in Jolly Tar and Blue Bonnets but with slight differences.

We really enjoyed the afternoon and are looking forward to the next one which will probably be in February with a visiting teacher. The details are not yet finalised.

Daphne and Hilary The next step dance class after the one reported above was held earlier than expected on 22nd January. I was able to attend it myself and can, therefore, tell you that it was also thoroughly enjoyable. The dance we learned was “The King of Sweden”, not a particularly complicated dance except that it includes a lot of double trebles. If you have ever encountered these casually your heart might sink at the thought. However, Alison is a very clear and patient teacher and they can soon be mastered with a little practice.

The next class will probably be on the 5th March and if anyone is tempted to come do let me know and I will pass on the details.

The Editor


I have details of all these events for anyone who is interested.


Some branch members may remember that we once had a photo album containing many pictures of our various activities going back a good many years. Barbara Irvine had compiled it and had custody of it. However, we have sadly been unable to recover it from her executors and are wondering if it would be possible to start another. If you have any pictures which might be suitable could you please let me know. We would, of course, have them copied and return the originals.


Our secretary, Alex Lawton, has asked me to tell you that one of the new Pillings he ordered is still unsold. The price is £6 and if you want it give him a call, the number is in the letter heading.


Following my poor performance spelling-wise in the last newsletter I would like to offer for your interest the following extract from “The Civil Service Pensioner”:-

Accroding to rsaerceh at an Elingsh Uinervtisy, it dnoes`t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteres are in the rghit pclaes. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wtih no rael porbelm, this is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by ilstef but the wrod as a wlohe.


Saturday February 24th starting 7.30pm
MCs Carol Usher and Alex Lawton
St. Andrew`s Fair J The Salmonfield Poacher R
The Celtic Cross R Seton`s Ceilidh Band J
Melrose S Monymusk S
Miss Allie Anderson J Johnnie Walker M
Bratach Bana R Pines of Pitlochry J
St. John River S Rose of the North S
The Laird of Milton`s Daughter J The Flight of the Falcon J
Peat Fire Flame R McDonald of the Isles S
Gang the Same Gate S Irish Rover R
Entrance:     £2.50 or £1 for spectators + a plate of food.
crib sheet is attached (Adobe PDF format)

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