The Bedfordshire Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

February 2008
Newsletter No 166

In this issue:

New Year Ceilidh
Jimmy Shand Memorial
Subscriptions Increase
Supper Dance
Annual Ball


Once again the New Year Ceilidh proved to be a great success with Bromham Village Hall filled to capacity. Peter Scatterty provided first class music and George heroically turned up to MC despite having dislocated a shoulder just before Christmas. Well, you only need one hand to hold a mike and none at all to shout! The Fine Companions and two Scottish Dance teams entertained us with demonstrations and Andy gave us some piping – an essential part of a Ceilidh. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We are about to book the hall for next year!


Jimmy Shand Memorial

You may remember back in 2002 that the Society proposed to erect a memorial to Sir Jimmy Shand in the form of a life-sized bronze statue. We were asked to consider making a contribution and in fact donated the proceeds of our Ball raffle that year.

While George was in Scotland over Christmas he was able to visit the memorial and bring back this picture of it.


Belly Dancers

“This doesn`t look like Scottish Country Dancing”, I hear you say and right you are! Our demo team were invited to take part in a fund raising event for Children in Need. This involved several dance organisations demonstrating and teaching their own particular variety to a hugely enthusiastic crowd. Needless to say the belly dancers got the most riotous reception, the join-in part getting absolutely hilarious. However, our own session was not far behind, though a little more dignified! The floor was absolutely packed with everyone clapping and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The evening was organised by Margaret Plowman of the Bowling Club and altogether about £600 was raised.


We have been notified by HQ that an increase in subs is on the way. Their financial gurus have predicted dire problems in the not too distant future without it. The amount we pay to them next year will go up to £15, our branch sub will remain at £3 making a total of £18 annual subscription altogether.


Saturday 23rd February starting at 7.30pm
MC Andrew Butchart


Mrs MacPherson of Inveran R Silver Tassie S
Miss Hadden`s Reel J Whistling Wind R
Butterscotch and Honey S Pelorus Jack J
The Barmkin R S-Locomotion S
Major Ian Stewart J Lady Susan Stewart R
The Gentleman S Jennifer`s Jig J
Anniversary Reel R Drumelzier S
Hooper`s Jig J Montgomeries Rant R
Entrance:     £2.50   + a plate of food
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Saturday 17th May 2008
starting at 7.30pm
The Danelaw Band
Dame Alice Harpur School, Cardington Road, Bedford


Jennifer`s Jig J Bratach Bana R
Inverneill House R Kinfaun`s Castle S
Belle of Bon Accord S Quarrie`s Jig J
Pines of Pitlochry J Festival Fling R
Fisherman`s Reel R Garry Strathspey S
Silver Tassie S Diamond Jubilee J
Luckenbooth Brooch J Starlight R
Molly`s Mum R Dundee Whaler S
Johnnie Walker M Spiffin` J
John of Bon Accord R Mairi`s Wedding R
Extras:   Bees of Maggieknockater, Montgomeries’ Rant, Shiftin Bobbins
Tickets:  £15.00,  Children and Spectators:  £7.50  (Includes Supper)

Please Apply with SAE. to:  Alex Lawton 9 Willington Rd Cople Beds MK44 3TH
Tel. 01234 831036

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