The Bedfordshire Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

June 2008
Newsletter No 168

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Ball Report
Highland Class
Dancing Holiday
Branch Social and AGM


Bedford Ball 2008
Photo: Lynn McGoff

Although we were once again a little lower in numbers than we would have liked, the evening was a thoroughly enjoyable event. Perhaps the most important ingredient, the Danelaw Band, were as magnificent as ever and I`m happy to say we will have them again next year.

Only one thing was perhaps not quite as we would all have wished. It was a miserable cold day and the air-conditioning in the main hall was working full blast for some mysterious reason. It`s the only dance I can remember never warming up all evening!

Bedford Ball 2008
Photo: Dorothy Butchart


This will run as usual during the summer on Monday evenings from June 2nd starting at 7.45pm in the Kempston East Methodist Church Hall.

In addition to the highland dancing we also do some ladies step dances so do come along and give it a try if the fancy takes you. Information from our chairman or me.


If you fancy a really great Scottish Country Dance holiday HF Holidays are offering one at Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight in late July. For information ring 0845 470 7558 or check the web at or


This will be held on Sunday 22nd June in Oakley Village Hall starting at the earlier time of 7.30pm. Nigel Pilgrim will MC the dancing and his programme is as follows.

Maxwells Rant R Seton`s Ceilidh Band J
New Rigged Ship J Miss Milligan`s Strathspey S
Belle of Bon Accord S Black Mountain Reel R
Highland Rambler R Pelorus Jack J
Luckenbooth Brooch J Wind on Loch Fyne S
Butterscotch and Honey S Irish Rover R
General Stuart`s Reel R West`s Hornpipe H
Extras:        Bratach Bana,     Neidpath Castle,    Wild Geese

Entrance:     1.50 members     2 others

Link to Crib Sheet

The AGM will take place during the tea interval and will be dealt with as quickly as possible. AGENDA

  1. To receive apologies.
  2. To adopt the minutes of the AGM held on 24th June 2007.
  3. To consider any matters arising from those minutes.
  4. To receive and adopt the Chairman`s report.
  5. To receive and adopt the Hon. Secretary`s report.
  6. To receive and adopt the Hon. Treasurer`s report.
  7. The election of the committee:
    Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Committee Members
The following nominations have been received for next year`s committee:-
Proposer Seconder
Chairman George Hogg Keith Rose Alex Lawton
Secretary Alex Lawton George Hogg Joan Sawyer
Treasurer Keith Rose Margaret Pell Carol Usher
Diane Aitken Helen Rose Alex Lawton
Margaret Pell Joan Sawyer George Hogg
Helen Rose Alex Lawton Margaret Pell
Joan Sawyer Margaret Pell Helen Rose
Carol Usher Joan Sawyer Keith Rose

As you see the nominations for the committee are the same as last year which is not an ideal situation. We live in hope that one day some of us may be able to retire without reducing the committee still further. We would welcome any new members with open arms and committee meetings are very sociable occasions hardly any bloodshed!

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