The Bedfordshire Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

November 2009
Newsletter No 175

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New Year Ceilidh
Carol Usher
President`s Evening
AGM responses
RSCDS website access
New Pillings
November Supper Dance


The New Year Ceilidh will be on Saturday 9th January with the same format as before. The venue will be Bromham Village Hall and the price of the tickets £3 + a plate of food. Tickets are available from committee members so be ready to pounce when you see one!


Carol Usher

Carol joined us when she came here from Prince George in British Columbia as one of a group of Social Workers recruited from Canada. Thanks to the Internet she already knew of our Branch and was thus able to come to our Ball that year, just two days after arriving in the country. Her new colleagues, who had planned a welcoming party, were amazed that she was already too busy to attend. Finding out that Carol was a competent dancer, we quickly roped her in to the Demonstration Team and onto the Committee. She also used to attend our Highland Classes. When not dancing with us, she might be found Irish Dancing, at Fine Companions, cycling, or out on the river, rowing. Unfortunately for us, she and her husband, Peter, have now returned to Canada. She is living in Calgary, within reach of her daughter and grandsons, so will now be able to give priority to being a granny, but not too much, it must not interfere with dancing and rowing! Thank you, Carol, for dancing with us for the last six years.



The Scots Society of St. Andrew held their annual President`s Evening on September 12th in Bromham Village Hall and, as usual, our demo team was invited to attend and provide part of the entertainment. This year we danced the “Tricorn Reel” and “Bonnie Anne” which thankfully went smoothly. George was MC and Peter Scatterty provided the music. It was, as usual, a splendid evening and thoroughly enjoyable.


Demonstration Team

If you haven`t heard of this it was a day long event held in the Corn Exchange complex on 17th October and, as the name suggests, was a free for all of dance clubs and associations. Each one had an opportunity to display their own particular variety on the stage and to hold a taster session in one of the smaller halls for anyone to have a try.

Taster Session

Our taster session was right at the end of the day but there were still plenty of people joining in. Some confessed to being a bit tired as they had been there all day and tried almost everything! They still had plenty of enthusiasm and energy left though, especially the children who were obviously having a great time. Wouldn`t it be wonderful if we could rope them in! Actually two new people did turn up at George`s class the following Monday as a result – hope they keep coming.


Two points that were raised at the AGM were discussed in committee and these were:- 1. Should ladies wear white for demonstrations or would ordinary dresses be less discouraging for possible recruits? It was decided to stick with white but make a point of telling audiences this is for demos only. 2. Should an attempt be made to start a children`s class? It would certainly be great if we could but there was a children`s class a year or two ago which failed for lack of support. It was not thought practicable to make another attempt at the moment.


The RSCDS have asked us to tell you about a new game on Virgin 1 called BingoLotto. It is part of a fund raising scheme which will benefit the CCPR of which the RSCDS is a member. Tickets are available at every Tesco till point and, in addition to the chance of winning prizes, you would be contributing something indirectly to the RSCDS.


If you have occasion to access the RSCDS members website you will need to know, if you don`t already, that the login name is "advance" and the password is “retire”.


These are available now from our secretary, Alex Lawton, price £6.50. His phone number is in the letter heading.

Saturday 21st November starting 7.30pm


MC Margaret Pell

Reel of the Royal Scots R Rest and Be Thankful R
Tribute to the Borders J Hamilton House J
Neidpath Castle S Dalkeith`s Strathspey S
Spiffin` J The Sailor H
Pulling Bracken R Machine Without Horses J
Monymusk S Rose of the North S
Peat Fire Flame R Good Hearted Glasgow J
     Extra:  Pelorus Jack J
Entrance: £2.50 + a plate of food.
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