The Bedfordshire Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

February 2011
Newsletter No 181

In this issue:

New Year Ceilidh
Save the Children
Puzzle Answers
Oakley Social (Feb 27th)
Supper Dance (April 2nd)
Annual Ball


Jacobite Sword Dance - John Mullett & Alex Lawton

The Ceilidh arrangements all went smoothly, thankfully without the awful weather problems we had last year.

The usual entertainment spots of piping and Scottish Dancing were enhanced by a display of clogging by Elleanor and Alison who are members of the Fine Companions. We really enjoyed this innovation and admired their expertise.

As always our thanks to George and Peter Scatterty for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Although it's some time ago now, you might like to hear how we did our bit. An event was held at the Cutler Hammer Social Club in Kempston to raise money at which half a dozen or so different dance groups showed off their particular variety briefly, then everyone else got to have a try. There was quite a range on offer and no difficulty in filling the dance floor with enthusiastic learners. However, the undisputed highlight of the evening had to be the belly dancers. They made it look so easy but it certainly wasn't and the efforts of the uninitiated were the best entertainment of the evening!

We understand £850 was raised for the cause.


Y   T      E     KKD
ENIGMA   P        IT
     A     ENLIMBJGC

1. The Man : Hugh Foss
2. Born 1902 in: Kobe, Japan
3. Worked at : Bletchley Park
4. Profession: Cryptographer
5. Joined this government school: Code and Cipher
6. Worked on: Enigma
7. Retired in 1953 from –initials only: GCHQ
8. After the war worked for a time in: Washington
9.Tribute by John Drewry, The: Codebreaker
10. Died here in 1971: St Johns Town of Dalry
11. ? demo dance : Fugal Fergus
12. Hobby: Scottish dancing
13. Hobby: Devising Dances
14. A few of his compositions (15) plus the one above: 
  • Airie Bennan
  • Anne
  • Cutty Sark
  • J B Milne
  • John Mcalpin
  • Ken Bridge
  • Lack of Gold
  • Moon Dance
  • Norman Whitelaw
  • Polharrow Burn
  • Roaring Jelly
  • Rob Roy
  • Rose tree
  • Somebody
  • Wee Cooper of Fife

Oakley Social

Sunday 27th February starting at 8.00pm


MC Marion Oram

Cramond Bridge R Rutland Reel R
The Gardeners` Fantasia S Giradet House S
Pelorus Jack J Follow Me Home J
On the Edge of the Sand R Bratach Bana R
The Three Square Strathspey S Return to Shieldaig S
Napier`s Index J Ian Powrie`s Farewell J
Strathconon R The Montgomeries` Rant R
Entrance: £2 members £2.50 others

Link to Crib Sheet

Oakley Supper Dance

Saturday 2nd April starting at 7.30pm


MC Andy Butchart

Saltire Society Reel R Pines of Pitlochry J
Machine Without Horses J Dundee Whaler S
S-Locomotion S The Clumsy Lover R
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R The Nurseryman J
The Grumpy Gentleman J Butterscotch and Honey S
Kilkenny Castle S Birls Allowed R
Mrs Macpherson of Inveran R Fisherman`s Reel R
Miss Haddon`s Reel J
Highland Rambler R
Entrance: £2.50 + a plate of food.
Link to Crib Sheet

Annual Ball


present their
The Ian Robertson Band
at 7.30pm on Saturday 21st May 2011
Dame Alice Harpur School, Cardington Road, Bedford


Montgomeries` Rant R Moray RantS
Pelorus Jack J Bratach Bana R
Macdonald of the Isles S Napier`s Index J
Blooms of Bon Accord R Dundee Whaler S
Chequered Court J Irish Rover R
Dream Catcher S Ship in Full Sail J
Plantation Reel R Foxhill Court S
Major Ian Stewart J Glenalmond Gamekeeper R
Sands of Morar S Scott Meikle R
J B Milne R Ian Powrie`s Farewell J

Supper will be provided.
Tickets at £15.00, Spectator/Children: £7.50
from: Alex Lawton, 9 Willington Rd, Cople, Beds, MK44 3TH, Tel. 01234 831036

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